Floriculture from bulb

The Netherlands is known worldwide for its tulips. The bulbs are produced outdoors in large fields, after which they can be efficiently and sustainably grown in greenhouse complexes into the bright flower we all know. Growing tulips from the bulb is called 'forcing'. By forcing the tulips in a greenhouse, the season can be extended. When it comes to forcing tulips and other types of bulbs, high quality and uniformity are very important.

Efficient and sustainable forcing

Tulips can be 'forced' on both water and substrate. But these days, people tend to prefer forcing on water. The big advantage of this is that the tulips grow faster from bulb to flower. It is a clean method that results in savings on potting soil.

It is possible to adjust your water system to your cultivation system so that you can use a closed water system. This way, we contribute to a better environment. Forcing tulips is also ideally suited for the use of multilayer systems.

  • High reliability.
  • Handle high volumes in high season.

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