Young plants

Growing young plants is precision work. High crop quality with strong resistance, tasty fruits and high yields starts with the young plant. A good start yields a lot, which is why the cultivation of young plants deserves the best solution for a good future. HAWE contributes to that.

Precision work

When growing young plants, hygiene is a crucial factor. To prevent infections, it helps to have no people in the cultivation area. During the cultivation phase, a number of operations are necessary and the grower may wish to move the plants through climate zones. The market demands consistency and a uniform product.

Young plant propagation is interesting for growing your own crop, from seed or cuttings. This shortens the chain and keeps the quality of your crop under your own control. Specialist young plant growers also like to use HAWE's solutions.

A mobile container system from HAWE provides:

  • Efficient use of cultivation area.
  • Efficient movements through cultivation areas.
  • Labour cost savings.
  • Central and conditioned operations.

Curious about the possibilities for your company?