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HAWE celebrates 65th anniversary

Pioneer in the world of mobile cultivation systems

HAWE is proud to celebrate its 65th anniversary as a pioneer in the world of mobile cultivation systems. Since 1958, HAWE has been dedicated to transforming internal logistics in greenhouses and has continually innovated and challenged the industry.

It began in 1958 when the first steps were taken to improve internal logistics in greenhouses. The concept was simple but revolutionary: the work had to come to the people, not the other way around. This soon led to the introduction of the very first container tables for greenhouses.

One of the good aspects of HAWE's story is its close collaboration with growers. Growers challenged the company to develop innovative solutions by constantly coming up with questions and ideas. The collaborations led to great innovative solutions in the industry.

In the early 1970s, HAWE ventured onto the international stage by exporting its very first electro-lorries abroad, with Germany as a pioneering market. This moment opened doors to new markets and opportunities, growing HAWE's influence beyond national borders. The year 1975 saw HAWE realize its first large-scale project. This proved that HAWE was ready to successfully handle complex logistics challenges and strengthened its reputation as a reliable partner in the industry.

The 1980s witnessed a number of technological innovations. HAWE became a pioneer in the development of integrated mobile logistics systems by replacing classic relay circuits with PLCs. This created more efficient and flexible systems that could meet customers' rapidly changing needs. In 1985, HAWE took another important step forward by producing plastic bottoms with its own vacuum forming machine, known today as an ebb and flow system. In addition to these two developments, the multilayer cultivation system (MLS) was also introduced. A system that makes efficient use of light, water, energy and space.

The year 1994 brought groundbreaking innovations to bulb cultivation with mobile applications, giving growers more flexibility in their cultivation methods while increasing productivity. In 2004, HAWE took another major step forward by making cut flower cultivation mobile with gutter systems, which also allowed flower growers to optimize their production processes.

Since then, HAWE has developed into the architect of smart cultivation systems, with a strong focus on mobile gutter systems and mobile container systems. Both systems are versatile and suitable for various types of cultivation in both the food and ornamental sectors.

HAWE is dedicated to helping growers with challenges in climate control, water scarcity, labor costs, energy costs and sales. In addition, the systems ensure optimal plant density, efficient use of space, a stronger crop and precise control of climatic conditions. Our systems are modular and can be expanded and adapted as each project grows. This concept, called "Moving Growth," symbolizes that the systems grow with the organization, both now and in the future.

KUBO Group
Since 2022, HAWE has been part of the KUBO Group, a company with nearly 80 years of experience in greenhouse horticulture. Earlier in 2022, KUBO acquired Peter Dekker Installations and later followed by SDF Horti Software.

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