Multilayer systems

In a multilayer growing system (MLS), light, energy and water are used efficiently, making the ecological footprint relative to production very small. By placing several cultivation layers on top of each other, optimum use is made of the available space. Thanks to the multilayer system, you can do more with less space. HAWE offers you the solution.

A cost-effective system

Multilayer systems are mostly used for the first, short life stage of the crop. A high plant density and fast cultivation cycle make the system profitable. Various solutions are possible to create multiple layers, depending on the function of the system and the desired end product.

Multilayer cultivation comes naturally with the integration of necessary equipment to achieve the desired heights. Automatic on and off. It is also possible to link several systems together to create changing climate zones and thus control your cultivation phase specifically for the optimal result.


  • High yield per available m2.
  • Optimal control of climatic conditions.
  • Applicable everywhere.

We discuss your specific requirements for each project. Building on decades of knowledge and experience, HAWE is always able to provide appropriate advice.

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