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Multilayer systems

A cost-effective system

In our multi-layer system, light, energy and water are used in a very efficient way, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your production. By stacking several cultivation layers on top of each other, we make optimal use of your available space. With our Multilayer system you can achieve more with less space.

Why our system takes your cultivation to the next level:

High yield per square meter: Multilayer systems are mainly used in the first, short life stage of the crop. Due to a high plant density and fast growing cycle, our system is enormously profitable. We offer different solutions to create multiple layers, adapted to the function of the system and your desired end product.

Flexible climate zones: Our Multilayer Growing System comes with all the necessary equipment to achieve the desired heights, automatically folding and unfolding. In addition, multiple systems can be linked together to create alternating climate zones so that your crop can be controlled phase-specifically for best results.

The Multilayer Cultivation System is perfect for growing ornamentals from bulb.

With each project, we discuss your specific needs. With our decades of knowledge and experience, HAWE is always ready to give you appropriate advice.

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