Mobile gutter systems

The HAWE mobile gutter system (MGS) consists of specially designed NFT gutters, which automatically move from filling station to harvesting station. The gutters move with the growth of the crop and are ideally suited for leafy crops and herbs. The mobile gutter system ensures optimum plant density during every stage of the growing process and the highest possible yield per m2.

Optimal plant density

The design of our system ensures that your total growing area is used as efficiently as possible and can be fully automated.

Plant nutrition is provided by the use of 'Nutrient Film Techniques' (NFT). Through an individual watersupply each gutter receives exactly the right amount of nutrient solution that flows through the gutters as a thin water layer, is recaptured and can be reused after filtration. The system offers optimum air flow with room for sufficient air and light. This way, you promote an active crop that can evaporate and develop healthy leaves without margins.

HAWE's mobile gutter system is a flexible solution and modular in design. It can also be used in your existing greenhouse and, in case of expansion, we can adapt your system to the new situation.


  • Optimal plant density
  • Efficient use of growing space
  • Less labour required
  • Reuse of drain water
  • Flexible and modular solution

We discuss your specific requirements for each project. Building on decades of knowledge and experience, HAWE is always able to provide appropriate advice.

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