About HAWE

Architects of smart cultivation systems.

For decades, HAWE has been known as the developer of logistics systems. A mobile cultivation system is much more than a logistics solution. It is a crucial part of your primary business process. We believe that centralising labour holds the key to optimising your cultivation and process. This is therefore central to our approach, and because no two cultivation sites are the same, we design our systems to suit your needs.

Climate, water scarcity, labour costs and working conditions, energy costs and sales. You have a challenge to manage and want to realise your ambitions. Our cultivation systems are part of the puzzle.

Where it once started with the development of electric carts, we have developed into the architects of smart cultivation systems with a clear focus on mobile gutter systems and mobile container systems. Both of which can also be multilayered for optimal space utilisation. Our systems are used worldwide and are suitable for a wide variety of cultivation types in both the food and floriculture sectors.

HAWE steps in with a seasoned vision and a team of specialists with extensive experience. We achieve the impact you are looking for. In your current process versus the desired process; together we get to the core. We help you increase the production and quality of your crop, save costs, improve working conditions and get more out of your available growing area.

To prove this, we have our own test site where we embrace our solutions on a daily basis. Where we develop and extensively test new technology and optimisations, or can set up a specific test rig for you if required.

This is how we get your crop and business moving!

KUBO Group

Since May 2022, HAWE Cultivation Systems has been part of the KUBO Group. KUBO now looks back on more than 75 years of history in greenhouse horticulture. A family business with a stable foundation, where the third generation is at the helm.

KUBO realises complete greenhouse projects. Contracting, engineering, manufacturing, construction and service. All under our own management, so that we can control the entire process, deliver on time and be sure of the latest techniques and concepts.