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Mobile container systems

Mobile container system

HAWE's mobile container system makes growing not only easier, but also more efficient. We work closely with our customers to design this system with the goal of maximizing yields and optimizing growing processes. The system is flexible and can be quickly set up and adapted to different growing conditions. This makes it easy to respond to changing market conditions. Moreover, it can be equipped with smart robotics for precision and efficiency in crop management.

What does this mean for your greenhouse?

  • Improved workflow: By centralizing crop processing, the system improves the efficiency of your workflow and minimizes the risk of contamination.

  • Labor cost savings: Automated capabilities enable combined tasks in one location, allowing you to save significantly on labor costs and achieve a better workflow.

  • Maximizing yields: Moving plants to different climate zones optimizes crop quality and increases yields per unit area.

  • Flexibility and future-oriented automation: Our system grows with your needs and allows you to gradually move to more automated processes.

Our mobile container system is suitable for various crops, including potted plants, young plants, herbs, medicinal cannabis, and ornamental crops from bulb and tree nurseries. With our expertise, we offer customized advice that perfectly suits your specific growing needs.

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