Mobile container systems

HAWE's mobile container system (MCS) allows you to centralise processing and separate it from cultivation. By doing so, you achieve higher efficiency and reduce the risk of contamination. Work can be carried out in locations with better climatic conditions and separated from the crop in optimal growing zones. Because the work can be robotised, potting, sorting and delivery can be done in one place. Your workflow improves, saving you considerable labour costs.

High efficiency and yield

The mobile container system is now a tried and tested concept; used since the 1970s, developed by HAWE and moving with the times. It is very versatile and suitable for many different types of cultivation. Our systems are tailor-made and designed in consultation with you. Together, we move towards further crop optimisation.

With the ability to move the plants to different climatic zones, plant quality is optimised at every stage. This results in a stronger crop and higher yields. By adjusting planting densities, you increase the number of plants per m2.

HAWE's systems grow with you. We recommend that you take possible expansion into account, for example, but it is also possible to start manually and invest in further automation at a later stage.

Advantages of these systems:

  • Quickly configurable and modular.
  • Respond flexibly to changing market conditions.
  • Fully automated and expandable with smart robotisation.

We discuss your specific requirements for each project. Building on decades of knowledge and experience, HAWE is always able to provide appropriate advice.

Curious about the possibilities for your company?