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Mobile guttering systems

Optimal plant density

HAWE's mobile gutter system consists of specially designed NFT gutters that move automatically from filling station to harvesting station. These gutters move with the crop and are particularly suitable for leafy crops and herbs. The system ensures optimal plant density during every stage of the growing process and maximizes yield per square meter.

The benefits of our mobile guttering system for crop management are significant:

Optimal plant density: The system efficiently utilizes the growing area and allows for full automation.

Optimized plant nutrition: Thanks to the use of "Nutrient Film Techniques" (NFT), each gutter receives a precisely dosed amount of nutrient solution through an individual water inlet. This thin layer of water flows through the gutters, is collected, filtered and reused, while optimal air flow promotes healthy, active crops.

Flexible and modular solution: Our system is a flexible solution and modular in design. It can also be applied in the existing greenhouse and in case of expansion, we can adapt your system to the new situation.

Labor savings: Thanks to automation, less labor is needed, leading to a more efficient work process.

Drain water reuse: The reuse of drain water minimizes waste and contributes to a more sustainable growing practice.

Our mobile gutter system is ideal for crops such as lettuce, leafy vegetables and aromatic herbs.

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