Our solutions for your crop

Using our knowledge & skill and relying on years of experience, we realise crop optimisation and add value to your primary business process. We do this by applying smart and modular mobile cultivation systems that help your business move forward.

HAWE; the architect of smart cultivation systems for your crop.

In a world where the population is exploding, there is a need to prevent food scarcity, and we want to contribute to a greener and sustainable world, HAWE Cultivation Systems offers solutions for any of your crops.

Lettuce and leafy vegetables

Lettuce; a superfood

Lettuce is a superfood, it is healthy, presents beautifully, it is available with all kinds of colours, leaf and head shapes. It is a fast-growing crop with a cultivation cycle of only a few weeks. The mobile gutter system developed by HAWE allows for optimally meeting the needs of your crop.

Potted plants

Appropriate solutions

Potted plants are beautiful both indoors and outdoors. A feast for the eyes and colour boost for the surroundings. Be it one-year flowering plants, perennials or a magnificent phalaenopsis. HAWE's mobile growing systems offer a suitable solution for many types of potted plants. So we do everything we can to ensure everyone enjoys the perfectly flowering potted plant.

Young plants

Precision work

Growing young plants is precision work. High crop quality with strong resistance, tasty fruits and high yields starts with the young plant. A good start yields a lot, which is why the cultivation of young plants deserves the best solution for a good future. HAWE contributes to that.

Aromatic herbs

Natural flavourings

With an increasing demand for a healthy and plant-based diet, but also a need for convenience, HAWE offers solutions for growing herbs in both pot and cut varieties. Natural seasonings in the kitchen make our lives healthier and tastier and offers a sustainable alternative to salt and sugars.

Medicinal cannabis

Uniform cultivation

HAWE believes in contributing to creating a more sustainable and healthier world for future generations. This is why we develop solutions for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis. Cultivation that ensures a better life for people who benefit from it.

Floriculture from bulb

Efficient and sustainable forcing

The Netherlands is known worldwide for its tulips. The bulbs are produced outdoors in large fields, after which they can be efficiently and sustainably grown in greenhouse complexes into the bright flower we all know. Growing tulips from the bulb is called 'forcing'. By forcing the tulips in a greenhouse, the season can be extended.

Tree nurseries

Green and healthy

Making the world greener and healthier together. At a time when there is a major call to reduce CO2 emissions, we see opportunities in tree nurseries. After all, trees provide oxygen and air purification that contribute to overall health. Trees help against flooding and are a source of life for wildlife.

Wondering how our solutions work in practice?