Lettuce and leafy vegetables

Lettuce is a superfood, it is healthy, presents beautifully, it is available with all kinds of colours, leaf and head shapes. A fast-growing crop with a cultivation cycle of only a few weeks. The mobile gutter system developed by HAWE allows for optimally meeting the needs of the type of crop while also offering the most efficient working method and highest yields by optimising the space available from seed to harvest.

Lettuce; a superfood

Globally, most lettuce is still grown outdoors in the ground. This requires a lot of area, irrigation and plant protection products. In addition, the percentage of crop failure and post-processing is high. There is a better, more sustainable and efficient way to grow lettuce and this is a proven concept. No wonder growers worldwide are massively shifting their production 'from outside to inside'.

HAWE has extensive experience in the application of systems for growing all types of lettuce and leafy crops.

  • Less wastage and post-processing of your crop.
  • More sustainable, better and more efficient for people and the environment.

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