Medicinal cannabis

HAWE believes in contributing to creating a more sustainable and healthier world for future generations. This is why we develop solutions for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis. Cultivation that ensures a better life for people who benefit from it.

Uniform cultivation

Legalisation in many parts of the world has increased the demand for legal cannabis production. Large-scale, professional, production facilities have been set up. In the world of cannabis, great value is placed on uniformity of cultivation. With HAWE's customised cultivation systems, you can be assured of this, and we are happy to share our experience with you.

Applying a mobile container system creates:

  • Flexibility for various cultivars.
  • Optimal airflow for an active crop and low disease pressure.
  • Large and heavy buds with high THC content, free of botrytis.
  • Homogeneity and temperature and moisture control at the plant level.
  • “Phase-specific control” during the crop growth cycle. 
  • Optimal space utilisation for maximum yield.

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