Tree nurseries

Making the world greener and healthier together. At a time when there is a major call to reduce CO2 emissions, we see opportunities in tree nurseries. After all, trees provide oxygen and air purification that contribute to overall health. Trees help against flooding and are a source of life for wildlife. HAWE is doing its bit by supplying customised systems for tree nurseries.

Green and healthy

For a healthy start, today's tree growers choose to grow their trees in a conditioned environment. Young saplings can optimally develop during their first phase in a greenhouse on a system, to then later develop in the field into a large, strong, healthy tree. Cultivation moves from outdoors to indoors and from the floor to a system. The cultivation of the first phase is a lot faster, which makes it an intensive phase with more movements from the working area to the cultivation area.

The system offers several advantages:

  • Optimal air circulation for better root development.
  • Working at height improves working conditions.
  • Optimal use of your cultivation area and cost savings due to making hygiene more controllable and reducing labour costs.

Curious about the possibilities for your company?