Aromatic herbs

With an increasing demand for a healthy and plant-based diet, but also a need for convenience, HAWE offers solutions for growing herbs in both pot and cut varieties. Natural seasonings in the kitchen make our lives healthier and tastier and offers a sustainable alternative to salt and sugars.

Natural flavourings

A potted herb plant stays fresh longer and offers the opportunity to enjoy it more than once. A potted herb plant is similar to growing potted plants with ebb and flow methodology.

The mobile gutter system with NFT irrigation has also been proven successful for this type of crop, with all the advantages of this cultivation method.

Variants to which HAWE's systems apply:

  • Potted herbs.
  • Sliced and pre-packed herbs.

Together, we look at the best solution for your end product(s) and how our related solutions can make a sustainable contribution to your bottom line.

Curious about the possibilities for your company?