We would like to introduce our employees to you. 

In this short interview, it's Jelmer Huizing's turn.

Who are you?
My name is Jelmer Huizing. I am 36 years old, married and father of two beautiful sons aged 5 and 1. Although I was born and raised in The Hague, I found love in the Westland. Love for the business, and for Paula.

How did you end up at HAWE?
With over 7 years of experience in cultivation systems, I started working for the KUBO Group in 2021. With the first assignment: to strengthen the integration of mobile cultivation systems in the 'Full Service Grow Concept'. In May 2022, HAWE became part of the KUBO Group and I got the chance to join the HAWE team.

What are you responsible for? What do you want to achieve within HAWE/what is your end goal?
I am responsible for commercial strategy and sales. My goal is to make HAWE a worldwide player again, one of the top system suppliers. We are working every day to make international horticulture more sustainable and a greener world.

What appealed to you about coming to work for HAWE?
The opportunity to strengthen the organization under the wings of the KUBO Group. In addition, the daily contact with our customers who are among the top and always know how to challenge us.
As a 'product specialist' I can make a valuable contribution to the further development of our cultivation systems. Systems that contribute to improving working conditions, increasing efficiency and making production more sustainable.

What did you do before joining HAWE?
At The Hague University of Applied Sciences, I finished my Bachelors Degree on the topic of international labor. Then I started my career as an intermediary at an employment agency within the technology and horticulture sector. To broaden my horizons, I started working for a local marketing agency in The Hague that brought local businesses together with the international community present; the "expats." At the end of 2013, it was time for something new and so WEVAB came my way. At that time a sister company of HAWE. Horticulture and technology once again came together here. In 2017, I advanced there to sales manager export and eventually became "APAC" regional manager.

What do you get energy from?
Seeing the result of hard work together, in the team and with customers. It is great to be able to spar with customers about their ideal growing process and to contribute to the success and sustainability of their business.

What is your favorite (work) quote?
Let's go!