We would like to introduce our employees to you. 

In this short interview, it's Raymond van Elswijk's turn.

Who are you? Where do you live?
My name is Raymond van Elswijk, I was born and raised in bustling Rotterdam. Until 2022 I always lived there too until I took the plunge and moved to Sint-Annaland on the island of Tholen in Zeeland.

How did you end up at HAWE?
My previous employer had some financial challenges. Because of this, I got into a conversation with KUBO. They brought the news that they were acquiring HAWE. This gave me a reassuring feeling. It was good to see that there was still confidence in our team. Especially since I have been with HAWE since 1984.

What position do you hold at HAWE? What are you responsible for?
At HAWE, I fulfill the role of supervisor and executor. My duties are varied: from supervising jobs abroad to commissioning the last 10% of a project together with a programmer. Sometimes I even do remodeling jobs. I also visit customers to understand their needs and rebuild the bond of trust with the new HAWE.

What appealed to you about coming to work for HAWE?
What makes HAWE so attractive to me is the family feeling that I also had from the beginning at the old Codema. When I saw the management of KUBO Group, consisting of people with more than 50 years of experience in the business, I knew this was the right place for me.  The same family feeling as then resurfaced. After a few conversations with employees and delving deeper into KUBO Group, I knew for sure I wanted to work here.

What did you do before joining HAWE?
Before my time at HAWE, my father worked at the Municipal Energy Company (GEB) in Rotterdam. He regularly came to the old HAWE for gas and light payments. Huub Wooning then asked my father if he had a son who could work at HAWE, and that was the beginning of my journey at HAWE in 1984. I was just out of school at the time.

What do you get energy from?
Working with our great team to put HAWE back on the map. It is the new way of working at HAWE that inspires me. The structure and dedication to quality and cleanliness, that gives me energy. Not to mention, restoring confidence in HAWE with both existing and new customers.

What is your favorite work quote?
"Missed opportunities always come back when you're ready for them." That motivates me to always do my best, find something fun in what I do and gather talented people around me. Because alone you can't do anything and together you can do everything.